Coming from a background in business ownership and management, founder Luke Baker identified a gap in the market for Australian businesses and their owners. He saw an opportunity to have a third-party act as a business partner and take the lead on the implementation of strategies and change management, allowing businesses of all sizes to access services typically available to larger or more established organisations.



Our team has a desire to support businesses, whether they are just starting out, seeking growth or in need of recovery. It is not just about business though. We believe that it is essential that a business owner remains happy and healthy in both their personal and business life, to succeed.

Our number one priority is therefore to ensure that we understand you, the business owner, your why, and the goals that originally lead you to go into business.



With our experienced team of specialists, you are opening the door to a network of support from all aspects of business management and growth. It is this network and the holistic support that allows us to consider the person and the business, giving both the best chance to grow and sustain themselves over the longer term.